About David



Thank you for stopping by. My name is David, a professional actor with a successful career and thousands of fans from all across the globe. One of the highlights of my life is when I discovered that I can actually act and make a living doing so. I have been acting for over ten years and have featured in some of the best soap and romantic based movies in the world today.

The main reason why I created this site is to give my fans an opportunity to contact me directly. Unlike other actors who achieve success and tend to forget where they came from, I am committed to ensuring that all my fans get access to my films and even ask me questions. I also want to use the site to nurture the upcoming actors from all across the globe using this platform. Due to my current busy schedule, I have worked smart to put together a team of web managers who help me from time to time to manage the site. Their main roles include posting new comments and ensuring that the site is always up and running.

Unlike other similar sites, we work round the clock to ensure that we communicate with our new and existing readers consistently. Once you send a request to join or post something, we will work hard to ensure that we respond to clients queries. However, we request that you provide as much information as possible.